How to Create a Wellness Lifestyle – Part One

create a wellness lifestyle

In fitness magazines sold all throughout the country, we continuously hear “health and wellness” lumped together as one thing. But if wellness isn’t the exact same thing as health, then what really is it?

Wellness is never just one part of a person- it is their whole life. It’s not how many vegetables you eat, or if you’re a non-smoker, or if you go out for a jog every morning. It’s all of those behavioral choices combined and then much more than that. Wellness can be explained as being the varied dimensions of life that holistically form a healthy, contented lifestyle.

This multifaceted approach to understanding health and happiness is what made me want to use the term “wellness” as part of my blog title. Arguably, there are six different areas of life that contribute to wellness (shown below), and I don’t believe that you can be 100% well if you’re only focused on a couple of them. You might be thriving in your career, but are you sacrificing your health by sleeping only four hours per night? Or you might love your social life, hanging out with your girlfriends all the time, but are you also taking the time to challenge yourself intellectually with new creative pursuits? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have found your sense of purpose in life, but do you notice yourself constantly holding in negative feelings until you have emotional outbursts? We all have moments of lack in the different areas of life, but what it all comes down to is balance.

Creating a balanced lifestyle is what I want to inspire though my blog- Being brave by pursuing your biggest creative goals, making delicious, nutritional recipes, finding one’s purpose, learning how to have healthy relationships, and so much more. Over the next six weeks, I’m going to be delving into each of the six dimensions of wellness and showing you how to get more out of life in each area. It’s a gutsy move to stand up and decide that you want to live the best, all-around version of life possible.

So are you with me?

If so, here’s an infographic that I created to describe the six different, but equally important, parts of wellness that we’ll be exploring in the upcoming weeks:

wellness infographic

So what areas of life do you feel yourself lacking in? Where would you like to improve? Let me know, and I’ll focus even more on those areas!

For me, I feel like the aspects I need to develop most are spiritual and social wellness. And just to clarify, I’ll be talking about spiritual wellness in a very open sense without any particular ideology or religion connected to it. So whether you’re Pagan, secular-humanist, Jewish, or anything in-between, this is for you!

Comment or “like” to show that you’ll be challenging yourself, alongside me, to grow into a deeper sense of well-being in order live the most joyful, healthy life possible. First up, next week, we’ll be tackling emotional wellness! You can find the rest of the post series listed below.

Have a beautiful week,

xo Caylee

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— I was inspired & guided by this wellness model from the National Wellness Institute. —


Energize Your Day in Four Simple Steps

For the past few years of my life, everyday when 3:00 PM rolled around I would get a massive headache. It didn’t matter if I was in a college class, chatting with a friend, or working at the office – if it was midafternoon, you could find me catatonic with my head pounding and desperately needing an energy boost. Work always came to an unproductive standstill, and I was so exhausted that I basically slept with my eyes open. My brain screamed, “COFFEE! COFFEE! I. NEED. COFFEE.”  You guys, that is what an addict sounds like.


To be honest, my previous habits made me feel like total crap everyday, but I couldn’t seem to shake them. I put off altering my negative lifestyle for almost a year, because my boyfriend and I loved going out to eat in Miami at delicious restaurants (with even more delicious cocktails) almost every night. It’s really hard to change when you’re having so much fun doing the things that make you unhealthy. Trust me, I understand your pain! But as I saw my energy levels plummet even more, along with my mood dipping to a depressed low point, I knew I finally had to get down to business in making myself feel good again. Along with my boyfriend also having health issues from all of our unhealthy habits, it became clear to me that our lifestyle needed to change immediately.


Where I used to eat a bunch of salty, frozen processed foods or fat-laden meats at restaurants, now I like to make homemade meals with fresh produce. On a normal day, I will try to eat at least two types of fruit and four types of vegetables. Except as a treat here and there, I’ve stopped drinking coffee… Shocking, right?! This is not because I have anything against coffee now – it’s just that with my lifestyle change I don’t need caffeine in order to stay awake anymore. It’s a miracle! I also avoid added sweeteners, heavy meats like beef and pork, and white bread. I’m not strict with my meal plan, or withholding in any way, but I’ve found that I truly want to keep eating like this because it makes me feel so much more energized and happy. For a person like me who always felt sluggish, to feel healthy and vibrant is an amazing thing.


If you find yourself feeling sluggish during the work day and need a healthy pick-me-up, here are some easy lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your routine for a coffeeless energy boost:



Do you have any other energy boosting tips? Let us know in the comments below, and please feel free to share this post with your friends!


Hope you have a vibrant day,
xo Caylee