I believe that life should be a daring adventure pushing personal boundaries and opening our eyes to the beauty of the world.

I’m Caylee Pugh, and I am a wellness blogger & coach. I write for creative women wanting to learn how to care for their health holistically, while simultaneously teaching them to stoke their wild-hearted, fiery side within.

When I attended the University of Georgia, I majored in Cultural Anthropology which influenced me to study abroad in Costa Rica and then teach English & art classes in Vietnam after graduation. I eventually took my experiences of working in study abroad offices at UGA & Harvard and became a corporate travel planner and event coordinator in Miami. I got amazing opportunities to create business events with companies such as Louis Vuitton, Danone, and Hyundai.

While the work I did was often exciting and glamorous, it didn’t speak to my soul and satisfy my deepest passions in life. I have a background in 18 years of dance study, a hobby that makes me feel truly alive, and yet I stopped dancing after graduation and getting a “real job.” I love to study holistic wellness, create art, write, practice yoga, surf, and play ukulele, but all of these things fell to the wayside with a stressful job in my life. Until now!

Because now, I’m giving up my ego. I always tried to have jobs that I wanted other people to approve of, but now I am going for what my soul is intuitively pushing me towards for happiness- to be a coach & adventurous life designer!

Join me on my blog if you’re interested in moving past stagnancy and cultivating a joyful, healthy lifestyle filled with adventure. I can’t promise it’ll be a completely bump-free ride, but I know it will be the time of our life.

For inquires, please email caypugh@gmail.com.

Thank you! xo


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